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*bzz electric shock*

Hm, how many volts do you think this incredibly dead community needs to get going again? Hah I don't think we can bring it back to life, but I shall try because I'm Super Natt!

Super Natt who is getting sick *cough* haha lame. Anyways, the Potluck was..
- full of gooooooood food
- super duper long and tiring
- awesome because of all the awesome musical performances and the Polynesian dance!
- sad because the Seniors are leaving.. and Kat looked sooooo pretty and I'm going to miss her way too much
- stinky because no awards
- funny because of the cool slideshow (good job guys!)
- tiring because of Midnight Madness, I'm just not made for exercise!
- all in all, great.

Ok I'm seriously going to go do my bio homework now, seeing as it's Monday already. But it's only been Monday for 4 minutes, so I'm not too bad off, haha...... This week is going to be hard.
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